Report child sexual abuse material

Your report can make a difference in the fight to stop the sexual abuse of children.

What should you report?
If you have come across images or videos featuring children and young people under age 18 that meet just one of the criteria below, then you should report the material:

  • Material with children involved in a sexual activity with an adult and/or other children
  • Material focusing on a child’s genitals
  • Material with children who appear fully or partially undressed
  • Links to websites with child sexual abuse material

We are happy to receive your report, even if you are in doubt as to whether the image or video fits one of the criteria above. Our experts can assess whether the material you report is illegal.

Help us to understand the submitted material

Elaborate on what you have reported or considered reporting in an anonymous telephone/chat interview with our partner, sociologist and PhD Sidsel Harder.

Contact: [email protected]

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