How we process your report anonymously

ReportIt receives daily reports from anonymous citizens about sexual abuse material with children and young people under age 18. We process all reports according to guidelines drawn up in collaboration with the Danish National Police. Our processing of the reports is carried out with the permission of the Attorney General.

How do we work?
When the Save the Children Internet hotline receives a report about sexual abuse material—such as a website or file-sharing folder with sexual abuse material involving children—our analysis personnel first assess whether the material is of an illegal nature. If so, the location of the server on which the material is located is confirmed, and the abuse material is then forwarded to the appropriate authorities or hotline. See the image below:


Den danske blokeringsordning er et system, hvor internetudbydere blokerer adgangen til hjemmesider med seksuelt overgrebsmateriale med børn.

The purpose of the blocking scheme
The Danish blocking system works to limit access to illegal digital material with children, thereby reducing the spread of the abuse images and videos.

At the same time, the blocking scheme works preventively by informing about the legislation in the area and about the Bryd Cirklen counseling service, which helps people with sexual thoughts about children.

The Danish blocking system is a voluntary collaboration between:

  • The Danish National Police
  • A wide range of Internet providers
  • Save the Children

The scheme for blocking child sexual abuse material was implemented in 2005.

This is how the blocking scheme works

  1. An Internet user clicks on a website that is subject to the blocking scheme
  2. Instead of the website, the user sees a large, red STOP button
  3. Under the STOP button, it says that the specific website is blocked due to child sexual abuse material. The user also sees a reference to Bryd Cirklen, which counsels those with sexual thoughts about children.

The National Cybercrime Center (NC3) operated by the Danish National Police forwards information daily on new illegal abuse materials to Internet providers via a secure, automatic system.

Your review makes a difference
The Danish blocking scheme blocks illegal websites that are covered by the scheme. If you do come across sexually offensive content with children, you can help by reporting the website or file-sharing folder to us.

Remember that every report helps in the fight against child sexual abuse material.

You can report anonymously.