Jordan - holistic learning for adolescent girls

In Jordan we aim to improve holistic learning and wellbeing of 4,000 adolescent girls aged 10 – 12 affected by COVID-19 through play-based learning. Among the many challenges imposed by COVID-19, the quality of education was limited for most children in Jordan.

Remote learning and strict lockdowns presented a restriction on children’s access to playful learning opportunities. Social distancing and lockdown measures have also led to evident gaps in the creative, social, cognitive, physical and emotional wellbeing of children.

The project provides space for young adolescent girls to experience the joy of play whilst meeting with peers and learning subjects like science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This approach emphasizes on bridging the learning gap by putting children at the core of experience, making them active learners instead of passive listeners.

Further we want to explore how cost can be sustainable and achievable for government and others in the future as well as arranging reflection sessions on how to create inclusive spaces and environments based on quality play and learning.

Child beneficiary numbers: 4,000

Age-group: 10 – 12


  • Integration of quality play for adolescent girl’s holistic learning and wellbeing
  • Movement around play is strengthened through an enhanced enabling environment and organizational learning