Bhutan - Playful parenting

The project will build capacities necessary for supporting caregivers of children aged 0 – 3 to make and maintain quality homemade toys. We know that such toys stimulate wellbeing and early learning and development.

Additionally, it will mobilize male caregivers to attend the Daddy and Me playful parenting session of the on-going Prescription to Play project (P2P) implemented by the Bhutan’s Ministry of Health. Mothers and female caregivers still provide the vast majority of care for children, and this project is aiming to encourage fathers and male caregivers to interact and play more with their children.

We want to explore if caregivers (both male and female) know what quality play is and if they’re able to engage their children. Also, we want to find out if there’s an increase in the frequency of quality play moments in the targeted families and understand what the best practices are to stimulate it.

Child beneficiary numbers: 3,650

Age-group: 0 – 3 


  • Increased access to early stimulation and playful learning environments at home and at the community level for children aged 0 – 6 including children with disabilities
  • Increase availability and accessibility, as well as encourage uptake of play materials children aged 5 – 6 including children with disabilities at school
  • Engage government officials and relevant stakeholders proactively in efforts to build the capacity of primary school teachers to effectively use the early childhood care and development methods (ECCD) and play materials