Bangladesh - a playful start to life

In Bangladesh we support children aged 0 – 6 years old impacted by COVID-19 pandemic by providing new opportunities to play and learn and have more interaction with adults through playful learning materials.

The project aims to contribute to the youngest children’s wellbeing and learning through establishing a stimulating, responsive and protective environment – at home, in learning spaces, in the community and at national level.

We want to explore best practices for teachers and facilitators to successfully apply play-based interventions in learning spaces and to develop parents' and caregiver's abilities to create an inclusive learning environment at home to make the children ready for school. A big part of this will be building caregiver and community member awareness of the importance of Play for child development – and for them to allow children time and resources to play.

Child beneficiary numbers: 12,226
Age-group: 0 – 6

Photo - top: Amina, 6, with her friend at school in Rajbari District, Bangladesh, (Save the Children/Allison Joyce). 


  • Increased access to early stimulation and playful learning environments at home and at the community level for children aged 0 – 6 including children with disabilities
  • Increase availability and accessibility, as well as encourage uptake of play materials children aged 5 – 6 including children with disabilities at school
  • Engage government officials and relevant stakeholders proactively in efforts to build the capacity of primary school teachers to effectively use the early childhood care and development methods (ECCD) and play materials