Our four core values

Free of Bullying revolves around four core values: tolerance, respect, care and courage. These values develop the children’s social skills and enable them to develop positive relationships in childhood as well as later in life.

  • Tolerance is about regarding and accepting differences within the children’s group as a strength, and about treating each other as equals.
  • Respect is about accepting and considering all children in the group, and about accommodating and respecting others’ differences and way of being.
  • Care is about showing interest, compassion, concern and helpfulness towards all children.
  • Courage is about setting boundaries and saying no when you see children overstepping others’ boundaries. Being a courageous friend means reacting to injustice.

The teachers use the pedagogical tools to teach the children to show tolerance, respect, care and courage. In this way, the children acquire a set of values through specific activities that foster well-being and prevent bullying in the children’s group.


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