Save the Children Denmark IATI Documents

This webpage hosts documents that are reported by Red Barnet (Save the Children Denmark) on the IATI platform.

IATI is the International Aid Transparency Initiative, the global campaign to create transparency in the records of how aid money is spent. Red Barnet's full IATI data can be viewed on IATI-visualisation websites such as D-portal. 

On IATI Red Barnet only reports Red Barnet's activities that fall under the Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DANIDA). These activities are separated into Lot HUM (Humanitarian Activities) and Lot DEV (Development Activities). 

The specific documents, which this webpage hosts, detail case studies, Red Barnet's direct Southern partners, and Red Barnet's reach statistics.

i) Document type 1: Case studies: Danida's strategic partners are required to report three case studies annually through IATI. These case study documents follow the DANIDA case study template.

ii) Document type 2: List of direct Southern partners supported, disaggregated by region/country.

iii) Document type 3: # of people receiving direct assistance via programmes, disaggregated by region/country, gender, and adult/child. 


Case Studies

Case 1: Afghanistan
Case 2: Somalia
Case 3: Syria

List of Southern partners

IATI SPA Partners (xlxs)
IATI SPA Partners (pdf)


Total reach on HUM in 2022 (xlxs)
Total reach on HUM in 2022 (pdf)