Report child sexual abuse material

You can report child sexual abuse material to the Save the Children hotline and help the child who is being violated in the material that you have found.

Your report could be crucial in the fight to stop the sexual abuse of children.

Read more about what you should report.

NOTE: It is illegal to actively search for child sexual abuse material.
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Your report

Send us the website-address (URL) of the material that you are worried might contain be child sexual abuse material. This could be a link to a website, file sharing folder or chat.

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Add any information or descriptions of the material, such as passwords.

Your report will be anonymous if you do not provide contact information.

In some cases it can be very helpful if we are able to contact you. Red Barnet process your personal data according to EU´s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as the Danish rules on protection of personal data. Read about your rights, how we process your personal data and our policy on personal data (in Danish):

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Your report makes a difference

We process roughly 200 reports every month about images and videos depicting the sexual abuse of children. We receive reports from concerned citizens on a daily basis. Each and every image and video represent a child being subjected to abuse. But your report can help prevent these children from being abused over and over again. Because your report might mean that we can close down and investigate a website or file sharing folder containing illegal and abusive materials.

Every report is important in the fight to stop the distribution of child sexual abuse material and sexual abuse of children. Your report can be significant for a child. Please do not hesitate to report material to us, even if you are unsure of whether it is illegal. Our experts will assess the material to determine if it is illegal or not.

Thanks for your help.


What should I report?

Are you unsure about whether you should report material to the Save the Children Denmark's hotline fighting child sexual abuse material?

You can report to us anonymously.

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With your help, we can act quickly

We work closely together with the Danish National Police. Working together with our international partners in INHOPE, we can process your report quickly. We ensure that illegal, abusive materials are removed and investigated as quickly as possible.

When you report material containing child sexual abuse material that is found to be located on a European server, we are typically able to have it removed within 72 hours.

Read more about how we process your report.

What you should report

If you have encountered images or videos that meet one of the criteria below, you should report the material immediately:

  • Images of children under age 18 who are participating in sexual intercourse or any other direct sexual activity with an adult.
  • Images of children under age 18 who are participating in direct sexual activity with other children.
  • Images focused on children’s sexual organs.
  • Images of children who have been instructed to pose completely or partially undressed.
  • Images of children who are being violated or subjected to offensive treatment.
  • Animated films or images featuring sexual activities involving children, which are clearly made to resemble real abuse.
  • Unwanted e-mails with a link to a website with child sexual abuse material.

We also handle reports of images in which children are posing erotically. Such images are not always illegal but according to Save the Children violate the child or children in the image.

Keep in mind that we would like to receive your report even if you are in doubt whether the image or video matches one of the criteria above. We would much rather receive one report too many than one too few. Our experts will determine whether the material you report is illegal.

What you don’t need to report

You don’t need to report the following:

  • Images of persons 18 years of age or older who are posing as children.
  • Pornographic websites using words such as ‘teen’ or ‘Lolita’ but which do not depict children under age 18.
  • Animated films or drawings clearly aimed to depict a fantasy rather than reality.
  • Images featuring posing children who are not undressed and where there is not an erotic mood, such as pictures from modelling agencies.
  • Pornographic pages about incest where the models in the images are adults.

This is how we process your report

See which guidelines we follow when we process your report on child sexual abuse material. 

This is how we process your report

Legislation about child abuse material

Here you will find an overview of the Danish legislation on child abuse material

Legislation about child sexual abuse material

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