This is how we process your report

Clear rules for dealing with reports

AnmeldDet (ReportIt) receives reports of sexually offensive materials with children on a daily basis. Since establishing the internet hotline, Save the Children’s experts have dealt with over 80.000 reports about digitally and sexually abusive materials with children.

We process these reports according to clear guidelines that we have developed in cooperation with the Danish National Police. Our processing of these reports is authorized by the Danish attorney general (Rigsadvokaten).

How we work

When we receive a report, our experts carry out an analysis and track the servers upon which the illegal images and/or videos are found.

Citizens have the opportunity to remain anonymous when reporting to AnmeldDet (ReportIt).

When we evaluate that the reported content might be illegal, we do the following, depending on where the material comes from:

This is how we process your report

Every time an image or video is seen, a child is violated. It is therefore crucial that the illegal materials are removed quickly.

Every single report is therefore important in the work to stop the digital sexual abuse of children. The faster material is reported, the faster we are able to close down the file sharing folder or the website in question.

So if you have encountered offensive material with children, please don’t hesitate to report it.

Read more about our guidelines for processing reports.


Working together to stop the images of abuse

AnmeldDet (ReportIt) is part of the INHOPE international network, which consists of internet hotlines from around the world. We also work closely together with the National Cyber Crime Center (NC3), which is operated by the Danish National Police and the major Internet providers in Denmark.

Our work together with INHOPE and the Danish Police enables us to quickly send information around the world to national authorities who are able to remove and investigate the illegal material.

Read more about our national and international cooperation.

Partnership with the Danish National Police and INHOPE

Our partnership with the Danish National Police and INHOPE means that, in practice, 93% of the reported illegal materials in Europe are removed within 72 hours.


Save the Children Denmark’s AnmeldDet (ReportIt) hotline is co-financed by the European Commission and is part of INHOPE, a global network of hotlines fighting child sexual abuse material on the Internet.