The Danish blocking system

The Danish blocking system enables Internet providers to block access to websites featuring child sexual abuse material.

The purpose of the blocking system

The Danish blocking system is designed to limit the accessibility of illegal digital material featuring children, thereby reducing the dissemination of abusive images and video.

At the same time, the blocking system has a preventive effect by providing information about the relevant legislation on the area and about opportunities to seek counselling at Bryd Cirklen, which helps persons with sexual thoughts about children.

The Danish blocking system is a voluntary partnership between:

  • The Danish National Police
  • Numerous Internet providers
  • Save the Children Denmark

The system to block child sexual abuse material on the Internet was launched in 2005.

How the system works

The blocking system works as follows:

1. An Internet user clicks on a website that is covered by the blocking system.

2. Instead of the website, the user sees a page with a large red STOP button.

3. Under the STOP button is explanation intended for the Internet user about how this specific website is blocked because of child sexual abuse material. The user is also referred to the Dansih website Bryd Cirklen, which counsels individuals with sexual thoughts about children.

The National Police Cyber Crime Center (NC3 – part of the Danish National Police) sends information to Internet providers on a daily basis about new illegal material involving abuse. This information is sent via an automatic, secured system.

Your report makes a difference

The Danish blocking system blocks illegal websites that are covered by the system.

If you still encounter sexually offensive content with children, you can help by reporting the website or the file sharing folder with us.

Keep in mind that every report helps in the fight against child sexual abuse material.

You can make your report anonymously.

Save the Children’s work in the blocking system

Save the Children’s role in the blocking system partnership is to contribute information about illegal material featuring children.

We forward information about illegal material and disseminate information to the system from the Internet Watch Foundations, the English hotline fighting child sexual abuse material.


Save the Children Denmark’s AnmeldDet (ReportIt) hotline is co-financed by the European Commission and is part of INHOPE, a global network of hotlines fighting child sexual abuse material on the Internet.