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Save the Children has been a member of INHOPE since 2001. INHOPE is an international network that deals with reports of abuse images and fights the distribution of child sexual abuse material.

The INHOPE partnership is Save the Children’s most important forum for collaboration on abuse material on the Internet.

Working together, the INHOPE members process more than one million reports of potentially illegal material every year.

The INHOPE partnership

In INHOPE, we work together on:

  • the exchange of reports
  • support and training of new hotlines
  • exchanging knowledge and information
  • ensuring common standards for hotlines that deal with illegal abuse material
  • cooperating with relevant international partners
  • information for decision-makers

INHOPE receives support from the EU Commission.

The Danish National Police

Save the Children Denmark's AnmeldDet (ReportIt) hotline works together with the Danish National Police.

National Cyber Crime Center (NC3)

We coordinate and work together with the Cyber Crime Center (NC3), which is part of the Danish Police. NC3 is a special unit in the Danish Police that investigates cases involving child sexual abuse material.

NC3 and Save the Children cooperate on the investigation of child sexual abuse material and the Danish blocking system.

NC3 has been involved in internationally coordinated police actions on a number of occasions that have broken networks of persons distributing illegal images of children.

International police cooperation

The international police cooperation takes place either through the European Cyber Crime Center at Europol or through Interpol.

Via INHOPE, Save the Children works together with Interpol to strengthen the exchange of information about illegal material in order to identify even more victims of sexual abuse.

Save the Children contributes to this collaboration with information about new abuse images to the Interpol database.

The exchange of illegal images and videos with children usually takes place across national borders.

Examples of this include:

  • A website and file sharing folder with child sexual abuse material is on a server in a country.
  • A website located in another country contains links to the illegal websites and folders in the first country.
  • In a third country, links to the illegal websites can be shared in a closed forum.

This cooperation across national borders has made it possible to close a number of illegal websites and file sharing folders. The international police collaboration is therefore essential for the fight against child sexual abuse material.

Break the circle

Save the Children works together with the Sexological Clinic on the ‘Break the Circle’ counselling (Bryd cirklen).

Break the Circle helps persons requiring counselling to manage their thoughts and fantasies about sex with children.

Break the Circle is a website and an anonymous telephone counselling service for persons with sexual thoughts about children. The counselling takes place at the Sexological Clinic, which is part of Mental Health Services in the Capital Region of Denmark.

Help for persons with sexual thoughts about children

Break the Circle offers treatment for persons with sexual thoughts about children, which helps prevent new sexual abuse of children.

Safer Internet Center Denmark

Since 2004, Denmark has had a centre for Internet safety under the EU Commission. The purpose of Safer Internet Centre Denmark is to fight illegal content on the Internet and to promote safer and more responsible Internet use – especially for children and adolescents.

The Safer Internet Centre Denmark partner organizations work closely together in order to fulfil the objectives for the European Strategy 2013‒2020:

  • That children’s digital media skills are strengthened and that they benefit from more creative and educational online content.
  • That parents and children will benefit from better methods to create a safer online world, including simple and effective tools for reporting abuse, age-appropriate privacy settings, content-classification systems and parental controls.
  • That society as a whole will benefit from better procedures to identify, report and take down online material featuring the sexual abuse of children.

The Safer Internet Centre Denmark partners

The Safer Internet Centre consists of three partners:

  1. The Media Council for Children and Young People in Denmark
    The Media Council for Children and Young People in Denmark works to provide information about the digital lives of children and young people and to disseminate useful knowledge about the digital culture to parents and teachers. At the Safer Internet Centre Denmark, The Media Council for Children and Young People in Denmark is responsible for implementing campaigns and coordinating and promoting this work on the national level.

  2. Center for Digital Youth Care
    The Centre runs the counselling site Cyberhus.dk. Cyberhus answers questions from young people about digital life and provides online counselling in the cases where young people have encountered damaging or illegal content on the Internet.

  3. Save the Children
    Save the Children Denmark's AnmeldDet (ReportIt) hotline deals with reports of images and videos featuring the sexual abuse of children. Via the international cooperation in INHOPE, the Save the Children hotline is able to fight the distribution of and remove child sexual abuse material on the international level.


Save the Children Denmark’s AnmeldDet (ReportIt) hotline is co-financed by the European Commission and is part of INHOPE, a global network of hotlines fighting child sexual abuse material on the Internet.