The Technical Session

The Anniversary Conference also included three technical sessions. Dr. Leslie Snider, Director of The MHPSS Collaborative introduced the sessions with the following presentation:  

Below you will find the videos from the three technical sessions which are as follows:

  • Deep Dive session 1: Setting the scene
  • Deep dive session 2: Investing for impact
  • Deep dive session 3: Advancing for MHPSS together

The sessions are further specified on content and panelists below.

Session 1: Setting the scene 

This session focused on reviewing the MHPSS recommendations and actions developed. It also provided an overview of the pre-conference MHPSS workshop consultation which took place on the 26th of August, with participation from youth and MHPSS practitioners from all around the world. The session presented the outcomes of the consultation process, including the new 'fifth' recommendation on meaningful participation

List of panelists

  • David Karorero, Founder, Burundian Youth for a Brighter Future in conversation with Leslie Snider, Director, MHPSS Collaborative 

Session 2: Investing for impact 

This session focused on scaling and mainstreaming quality MHPSS across sectors and institutions, including:  

  • Save the Children’s step-up efforts to lift MHPSS capacity and programming 
  • The Dutch government key investments in MHPSS in humanitarian settings 
  • The Red Cross/Red Crescent movement wide policy for MHPSS - resolution and roadmap 
  • Education Cannot Wait’s integration of MHPSS into emergency education 
  • WHO’s focus on evidence-based guidance  

List of panelists:   

  • Marie Dahl, Head of MHPSS Unit, Save the Children Denmark (moderator)  
  • Ambassador Paul Bekkers, Special Envoy for MHPSS in crisis situations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Development Co-operation of the Netherlands 
  • Nana Wiedemann, Director, IFRC Psychosocial Reference Centre 
  • Michael Corlin, Senior Advisor, Education Cannot Wait (ECW)
  • Dan Chisholm, Programme Manager for Mental Health in the WHO Regional Office for Europe 

Session 3: Advancing MHPSS together 

This session focused on how to link research, innovation, and practice, focussing on:  

  • The impact of the last decade of MHPSS research on actual practices in the field 
  • Setting the research agenda for the next decade 
  • Achievements in mainstreaming MHPSS across sectors, and specific efforts toward child and family MHPSS coordination and integration, including the COVID response 
  • The innovative new model of peer to peer Psychological First Aid for children and adolescents and the ways in which it engages young people and builds upon their innate talents  

List of panelists:  

  • Leslie Snider, Director, MHPSS Collaborative (moderator) 
  • Wietse A. Tol, Professor, Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen 
  • Sarah Harrison, Technical MHPSS Advisor, IFRC PS Centre - IASC MHPSS Reference Group co-chair 
  • Anne-Sophie Dybdal, Senior Child Protection Advisor, MHPSS Unit, Save the Children Denmark